Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Still Learning English:


n.1.Subordination or subjection to the law of another; political subjection of a community or state; - opposed to autonomy.2.(Metaph.) A term applied by Kant to those laws which are imposed on us from without, or the violence done to us by our passions, wants, or desires.

For example: The Minotaur only obeys divine-order and is not subject to pathetic heteronomy. Anarchy!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Zeus! An echo of my Minotaur soul: Metal!

You will excuse my absence, or if you wish to hold a grudge, I will disembowel your kin and bathe in their blood. As you may have guessed, I am excellent at finding my way around complex places. I knew Castle Crete and its grounds well, and I  have memorized this Labyrinth, but the internet is large, and I have been lost within it since my first entry months ago.  The internet is confusing and vast, it has many turns, bottomless-pitfalls, dead-ends. There are people who need help, (I have already greatly assisted three Nigerian Princes,) and those seeking fortune, and information of any type you seek! I have learned a lot about who and what the internet thinks I am. Fool of an internet! Only the Gods, the slain, and Leonard know the truth about me. Hopefully as I continue to write this blog, your puny societies will learn to fear and respect me once more. But, for today, I must settle upon sharing a most incredible discovery of mine, perhaps the greatest thing your race has ever created, and definitely the best thing I have found on the internet: Metal.

Although I have centuries of composition experience on my pan-flute I was never able to find the sound I was truly searching for. Try as I might, I could never quite capture the ruthless barbarism trapped within my bloodthirst. I am familiar with copper, bronze and even iron, but I am unsure exactly which element is used to create this astounding new metal. I am certain that it is the sound of my soul incarnate, and I am proud of humans who engage in such brutally beautiful alchemy in order to create such a ferocious expression of pure and unabashed savagery.

There are several groups of modern bards who have captured this element and bent it to their will, click their names below and have your mind blown again and again.





and last and most certainly not least: